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HardwareTablet PCMicrosoft Education Pack screenshots

Microsoft Education Pack screenshots

Today Microsoft released the Education Pack for the Tablet PC. You can download it here.

The Education Pack includes five programs:

* Equation Editor–Converts handwritten equations to cleaned up images that can be pasted into documents
* GoBinder Lite–Lite version of GoBinder
* Hexic Deluxe–game that supports the pen for user input
* Ink Flash Cards–flash card program that supports ink, text, and graphic images
* Send to OneNote 2003–print to OneNote

Here are some screenshots of each of the programs:

The Equation Editor works surprisingly well. It doesn’t give you the answer for your handwritten work, but it does it a great job of converting your handwritten equations into a cleaned up bitmap that you can paste into another program.

When you launch the Equation Editor, the app looks like this:


You can handwrite an equation in the gridded region at the top of the window. Once you do, tap the Convert button to have your handwritten equation converted to a textual version in the bottom white rectangle in the window.

The program even includes its own correction user interface. Once the equation is recognized you can make changes to the recognized characters by selecting them and tapping on a dropdown button that’ll appear below the selection.


You can also type in the bottom rectangle and an optional onscreen keyboard can be brought up with numerous mathematical symbols.


Tip: If you accidentally delete the recognized version of the equation and can’t get it to reappear and the Convert button is disabled as well, simply select the Eraser tool (if the Pen tool is already selected or the Pen tool if the Eraser is selected). This will re-enable the Convert button which you can click on to have the equation re-recognized.

Ink Flash Cards is a, guess what, flash card program that supports ink, pictures, and text:


By default, Ink Flash Cards shows the front and back of cards in a two-card-view as shown above, however, you can also elect to show and edit only one side of a card at a time:


In the single-card-mode, the easiest way to get to the other side of a card is to tap on the curl at the bottom-right of the card. You can create or edit flash cards in either the single or two-sided view. Navigation buttons also appear at the bottom-middle of the card and on the bottom-left is a green triangle-slash-arrow that can switch the program from “edit” mode to “study” mode:


Study mode provides timed sequencing through the cards–although you can manually move between cards if you prefer. The duration that each card side is shown is user-selectable in the Options dialog which is accessible via the Tools | Options menu item.

(Updating with more screenshots…)

Oh, the Education Pack actually also includes one more program: it’s a helper app that provides a single location for launching each of the five programs:


Note: GoBinder Lite didn’t install by default on my Tablet and since I already had a version of GoBinder I couldn’t get it to install. I’ll try another Tablet in a bit.

This is the warning when I tried to install GoBinder Lite from the Education Pack Explorer:


If you’re wondering why the Education Pack won’t install on your non-English Tablet, the Microsoft Group Manager for the Education Pack project chimes in on TabletPCBuzz:

Hi all,

I’m a group manager at Microsoft and my team put out the Experience Pack and Education Pack for Tablet PC. I wanted to provide a brief explanation on why we have to block non English installs….The packs my team releases are shipped as true products meaning they are supported by Microsoft and OEMs can license them for pre-installation and drop-in-box CDs….we have restrictions that non supported powertoys do not. Installing an English UI on a non English sku is one of those restrictions, the apps have to be localized in our case. Trust that we haven’t forgotten about our international users…


Loren Heiny (1961 - 2010) was a software developer and author of several computer language textbooks. He graduated from Arizona State University in computer science. His first love was robotics.

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