Formative Assessments or Formative Instruction


Great article. In response to Jon S. Twing , the concept and practices for the term “formative assessment” have existed in psychology since the 1890s. They complement the process later termed “summative assessment.”

Formative assessment gains its definition in part by identifying what learners do to earn scores on standardized tests (summative assessments) and in classroom lessons.

In the 1960s, the term formative assessment evolved informally among educators and behavioral psychologists in university programs that developed standardized tests and prepared people to administer and interpret them. These faculty, and their grad students, adopted procedures used by earlier psychologists to describe what teachers can do with standardized test results. Psychometrists have included such descriptions in their reports since the earliest uses the Binet and Weschler intelligence scales.

The term “feedback loop” adopts an essential, historic evaluation process to a contemporary image and rhetoric.

And, yes, Mr. Twing, you appear to have benefited from a course sequence that included monitoring what learners do during lessons to earn their academic performances. Kudos to you and your teachers.

Formative Assessments or Formative Instruction