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StaffPenguin Flight LogThe joy of a good cup of hot chocolate

The joy of a good cup of hot chocolate


My hands are cold, my fingers are numb, my nose is red, and my chest is tight. It’s winter – and the storms across the nation are dumping snow, sleet, and rain – just in time to remind everyone that winter is a great time for a cup of hot chocolate.

Most people probably think that California is not the place to think about cold weather, but the upper desert can get pretty chilly. In fact, when we reach below 15 degrees then my body tightens. I really dislike winter.

Pascal and Ellie are not fans of the winters either. Pascal and Ellie generally refuse to go outside when it is this cold. The only time Pascal appears to enjoy winter is when there is snow on the back hill. I’ve witnessed him run to the top of the hill covered in snow, belly flop, and slide to the bottom.

Ellie, on the other hand, prefers to curl up on the couch and bury her nose. She’s smart about burying the nose. Why is the nose always the part that really gets the brunt of the cold weather?

Luckily, I’m sitting and drinking a cup of hot chocolate. You should too. It warms the hands, warms the heart, and reminds me about the wonderful holidays upon us.

Here’s to a great day. Drink up.

Layne Heinyhttp://www.layneheiny.com
LPH is a high school physics teacher interested in the Apple iPad and iPhone, Microsoft Surface, Tablet PCs, and other mobile devices. He resides with one large dog who begs for pizza, hamburgers, French fries, and anything else on the dinner table.

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