Gartenberg: The pen is the platform


Michael Gertenberg gives the LiveScribe a spin.

His impressions of the LiveScribe:

“I spent some time with the system last night and I can say, it works really well. The pen is well designed with a nice OLED display to let you know what’s going on. Interaction is entirely with printed materials on special paper. Click on a printed calculator, and the pen displays the results. Click on a Piano keyboard (or draw one) and the pen plays. Click record and the pen records the spoken word and links it to whatever you write. The system works and it works well.”

However, the pen does require special paper:

“This is the probably the system’s greatest weakness. No special paper, no digital magic. LiveScribe plans on releasing a template so you can laser print your own paper but at the moment you need to order from them. Worse, each notebook is sequentially numbered and you need to keep using the next notebook in the series or the pen gets confused.”

He does walk away with an overall favorable impression though:

“….I’m recommending for folks who want a pen computing experience.”