New Live Writer beta out, but installer be ware


A new beta version of the blogging tool Live Writer is out. I just tried to install it, but it didn’t go too well for me.

First off, watch out, there are lots of things turned on by default which I hate in apps. If I’m installing product X, that’s all I want. You can ask me if I optionally want to install other stuff, but don’t enable other products by default. It’s rude. And the Live Writer install is plenty rude. It wants to change your search default as well as install other stuff.

Not only that, even if you turn everything off, it apparently wants to also install Messenger and Mail. I didn’t notice if there was any opportunity to not install them. Fortunately for me, the install seemed to spin endlessly trying to figure out if I had these apps already installed so after five minutes of waiting I cancelled the install getting a warning that the install app might not be able to clean up after itself. Very, very rude indeed. Isn’t that like one of the cardinal rules that’s requred of all certified Windows apps? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.