“Supported” HP printer driver for Vista still not available, but all may not be lost


I’m getting very discouraged.

My key HP printer still does not have a Vista printer driver for it–Vista first came out at the end of last year and it’s July already. HP’s support page says “soon” and that “HP expects to complete the certification process for applicable drivers by July 2007,” but who knows. The site has said the same thing since Vista’s launch.

HP Color LaserJet 3550 Your product will be supported soon 3

This is getting old.

There is one workaround that seems to work OK for the types of files I’m printing anyway: Try installing the Vista Printer driver for the HP Color LaserJet 3600.

Here’s what you can do:

* Download the Vista printer driver here for the 3600 and unzip the compressed driver to your local drive. Remember the location.
* In Control Panel, select “Hardware and Sound”, then “Add Printer” under the “Printers” section.
* I have a network printer (3550N), so I selected “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”
* A window will appear with a list of the printers on your network. Select the item “hp color LaserJet 3550 (Hewlett-Packard) and click Next
* Give it a printer name or leave the name as it is. Click Next.
* Select “Have a disk” and then browse to the location where you uncompressed the driver for the 3600 and click Next.
* The driver should install–or at least it did for me. Now you’ll be able to print on the Color LaserJet 3550N.