Don Dodge: Should VCs should be investing in individual blogs


Don Dodge: “Several high profile blogs have taken VC money recently. Om Malik, formerly of Business 2.0 and writer of Giga Om, has struck off on his own with VC money from a startup VC, True Ventures. SoftBank Capital invested $5 million in, a blog written by Arianna Huffington. Hmmm…what are they doing with the money? What are the VCs thinking?….Why would you need $5M to write a blog when your investment is zero? What kind of return will VCs see from this investment?”

Makes me think: Would I accept $5M from a VC to blog? Nope. Why not? Because they’d want a significant return and that would give me many, many sleepless nights as I try to figure out how to make that happen. Of course, that’s why I’d never get the offer in the first place. 🙂