Blogging in ink


Lots of great interest in ink blogging again–much of it courtesy of Live Writer and the possibilities of using this new beta app to blog with in ink.

Actually, Live Writer does not support ink directly although it does support plugins. So it’s great to see Ed Holloway take the lead here and create a ink plugin for Live Writer.

Unfortunately, the plugin has not worked for me, but I haven’t tried it on another Tablet to figure out what’s going on. Other people have had success blogging with Ed’s wonderful new tool though. I can’t wait to get running with it too.

Oh, and Darren Strange reminds us that Office 2007 supports blogging too. I think it’s great that OneNote is adding blogging support, however, for every day blogging use I imagine the special-purpose Live Writer tool will win out for me. Besides, my OneNote files are getting so jam packed with stuff I need to think about “using the program less” rather than more :-). I’ll have to see how this plays out though.

Lastly, plugins are nice and all that, however, I really, really wish Live Writer would support ink natively. Maybe this is too much to ask for a young product like Live Writer, but I can’t wait for the day when ink is considered on par with supporting pictures (or maps) in a program. Maybe the Tablet SDK needs to make ink support even easier? Hmm.