Chris Pirillo launches meta search


Chris Pirillo launches a very thin looking meta search tool at (no .com extension here).

A couple ideas are going on here. One is that the search criteria can be placed in the URL itself. For instance, to search for “Tablet PC” you’d enter the URL:

Chris has a full description here.

Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work all that well with the TIP on a Tablet PC. Maybe someday we could get to the TIP reco logic so we could adjust this. For now, if you want to use the URL search approach, you’ll need to use the a virtual or real keyboard.

However, the other part of this service that works quite nicely is the rendering of the aggregated search results.

Go to the home page for and enter “Tablet PC” in the text field. You’ll get a nice clean page of search results from a bunch of different engines. No fuss. No clutter. I’ve gotta try gada some more.