Apple switches to Intel?


News has been bouncing across the Inkernet about Apple moving to Intel processors and it looks like it is really true. Scoble says he has reliable sources telling him it’s for real this time. And CNet talks up the rumors too here.

Makes a ton of sense for Apple to make the switch. It’s made a ton of sense for a long time.

If Apple can open up their OS to the clone market or some portion of it, I know of a handful of developers that would rush to install an Apple dev machine. From a user’s standpoint, OSX is the best Unix out there. I’m not going to hold my breath that Apple is opening up this part of the market though.

Maybe they’ll just develop a couple specialized, highly proprietary Intel devices for starters. If so, all this news of Apple switching to Intel isn’t going to mean much in the broader computer sense.

But I still would like to see Apple’s OS run on an Intel box. Yeah, it might give Windows a bit more challenge, but I imagine the desktop Linux market would get shaken up more. We’ll have to see. Sometimes rumors are just rumors and people get way ahead of what’s really going to happen.