The future is a better version of today


Bill Gates shares his view of the future. In a nutshell: much faster computers and bigger networks will drive new practicalities. Speech will be in most devices and tablet-like devices will be ubiquitous.

These are probably reasonable guesses based on what technology exists today. In ten years things probably won’t change all that much–even though they will seem to change a lot to the companies that come and go and people racing to have the latest thing.

It’s probably also safe to guess that display technology is going to continue to shake things up. The separation between the display and the computer will continue to blur.

Also on the hardware side, I see vision. I mean in the next decade or so it appears that we’ll be reaching computational speeds where we will be able to do some very powerful vision processing in real-time. We’ll be able to analyze scenes from multiple cameras in multiple spectrums in multiple ways 30+ frames a second. It’ll simply be amazing. Real-time scene reconstruction will shatter our view of sporting events, news, movies, net meetings, webcasts, and on and on.