Microsoft posted an “InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP-1) Preview” on their website the other day and I’m tempted to try it out because it has “Tablet PC support improvements.”

The problem is that uninstalling the preview version may require reinstalling Office, including OneNote, and that’s a big hurdle for me.

All the product activation stuff just flat out gets in the way for a developer like me. I want to try these things out but (1) reinstalling products takes time….and (2) with the product activation features I don’t know of a good way to store an image that I can try with various configurations and products such as this without messing with my critical licenses. My solution? Don’t try it 🙂


  1. Hey Loren,

    Not sure if it will be the same for you but when I installed it I just chose “change” under the Add/Remove Programs option for Office. Then I unchecked Infopath from the list of installed office apps. Worked perfectly and it didn’t affect my other office apps at all.

    The ink support is pretty cool. It’s more friendly to use ink to fill out forms now and you can use ink in any field/control – it will convert to text on the fly.

    I think you should try it out if you can. I am absolutely thrilled with all the new changes. It’s a much stronger app now.

  2. Thanks!

    I’ll give it a try! I’ve wondered what it would be like to use with Lonestar, but it sounds like there are changes that make it quite nice by itself. I look forward to trying it.