Laughing out loud


Bryan messaged me yesterday that he’d like Messenger to (optionally) laugh out loud–really–when receiving “LOL” if the conversation window is minimized. Currently Messenger pops up a little window that announces a new message has been received.

Hmm. Sounds cute, although it could be a little annoying in a cube setting. What I kind of like about it is that it might actually be less distracting than having to glance down and read the window. Of course, if you’re in the middle of half-a-dozen conversations, like Scoble manages to do, you could have a mess. So clearly, this feature would have to be optional.

Bryan’s usually a minimalist so it surprised me that he was even thinking of a feature like this. I think it’s because he’s relying upon Messenger a lot. I know many efficiency advisors are suggesting that people limit their IM use. Maybe the issue is that Messenger (and other IM apps) need efficiency steroids.