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StaffEditorialsEditorial: MLK Day

Editorial: MLK Day

Today is a day to celebrate the successes of the 1960s civil rights protests, however, there is much to be done. We are still a divided and segregated nation. The dream has not become reality. Divisive rhetoric exists all across this nation, as people look for excuses to why their lives have not turned out as proposed in the American Dream.

We must restore the voting rights act, continue to improve inner city schools, and promote legislation which supports everyone and not just the wealthy and lobbying corporations.

Unlike some people, I believe racial issues and economic issues cannot be parsed. Our nation should be measured by the successes of all our citizens, including people who temporarily require our financial support.

One of the basic pillars of what the Army calls the Warrior Ethos: “I will never leave a fallen comrade.” Yet, many people are eager to leave behind other citizens; their neighbors, family, friends. They are eager to blame, to scold, to scoff.

These quasi-patriotic people need to seek solace and solitude – in order to read about why our nation honors protesters, people with different perspectives – and these individuals should seek understanding as to why the unfortunate of our society deserve our respect and not anger.

We are all human beings, regardless of our gender, skin color or sexual preferences, as well as origin of birth. We are human. And as humans, we must embrace our society with open arms and not the hatred spread easily on social networks.

As this day of celebration progresses, may your heart widen and grow with the understanding that civil rights must be protected rights. We must defend our U.S. Constitution from those who would burn it in the name of purity.

Good bless our nation. God bless our citizens. And God bless you for standing up to tyrants and liars.

Started writing in the 90s for What Is New. I prefer sleep over work.

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6 years ago

— I moved your editorial to the front page as an article entry.