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WMP 11 dying when Sansa Fuze connected

Discussion in 'Windows Media' started by David Teich, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. David Teich

    David Teich Flightless Bird

    I used WMP to set up the fuze, but it's been a while since I started the
    player. A recent upgrade to the firmware wiped out station settings, to I
    opened WMP to check on some things. However, WMP just dies. No errors, no
    warning. It just shuts down. If I start WMP first, it looks like it starts
    reading the fuze then dies. If I have the fuze connected and start wmp, wmp
    starts to load then shuts down.

    The computer is running XP SP3 and has latest updates loaded. I have a
    laptop that's configured the same way and wmp 11 seems to recognize the fuze
    just fine.

    I uninstalled 11 from the control panel. It rolled back and I reinstalled
    11. I got a couple of error messages during install. One item died during
    install (I forgot to write it down). Then Dr. Watson died. However, it seemed
    to finish installing wmp and then, at the end, showed another install error.
    However, wmp11 does start, runs and shows the files I have on the computer.
    It just won't sync to the fuze.

    Why am I having problems with the desktop when the laptop with the same OS
    and other software, works ok?

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