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Windows Media Player



Flightless Bird
Hello to everyone here!
The problem I’ve been facing for a week now revolves around Windows Media Player :
First of all, I have an ACER ASPIRE 5720G laptop with Vista Home Premium. For more than 2 years now, I’ve been using WMP only for listening to music files mp3 & wma for several hours daily. These files are not in my laptop but in an external hard disk steady connected to my laptop by a USB cable. WMP is set as the default program for all of these files that are added to my WMP library.
3 months ago, I installed Kaspersky antivirus program in my laptop and everything was absolutely fine until last week that the problem arose. Well, since last week, every time Kaspersky gets updated while WMP is open and playing a list of mp3's, WMP gets almost freezed, the sound becomes awful gradually until WMP stops working. Nothing changes after Kaspersky has completed its update. Of course, I've tried to close and open WMP again, but it’s impossible to make it start re-working (it doesn't respond) unless I restart my laptop or take the following steps :
According to Microsoft Web Guide, I go to “My Computer”, right click to “Administration”, find ADMINISTRATION DEVICES, then OTHER DEVICES, "High Definition Sound Controller" and select the 1st option (update). Sorry for my english, everything on my laptop is in greek and I can't always translate correctly..
After the device update procedure has completed, I open WMP and everything is fine for some minutes (usually less than 20min) and then, unfortunately, the problem comes up again.
Despite all I’ve described above, Kaspersky probably has nothing to do with the problem given that, today same thing happened once more, only this time Kaspersky was not active (on purpose) when WMP stopped working, I was testing my laptop as trying to find out what’s really going on with WMP. So, today, WMP was playing fine some lists of mp3’s for 3 consecutive hours until I opened last.fm program and after 10 min WMP stopped working. Perhaps, it was a coincidence, I really don’t know..
It seems that the safest "solution", every time WMP stops working, is to restart my laptop till the next time, of course, some program affects WMP operation.
Why, all of a sudden, has WMP become so sensitive?
Can anyone figure out what's going on here and how I can fix the problem?
Thanks in advance