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Windows Media Encoder 9: Publishing error causes encoding to stop

Discussion in 'Windows Media' started by SinDonor, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. SinDonor

    SinDonor Flightless Bird

    We use Window Media Encoder 9 frequently to simultaneously encode and
    publish videos out for webcasting. Once in a while, due to unknown
    reasons, the network burps and kills our push stream out from the

    WME recognizes this failure because it displays a tiny red circle-X
    error at the bottom left of the WME window. So, what we have to do is
    stop and restart WME to reactivate the push stream again.

    Is there anyway WME can just automatically restart the push stream when
    it runs into this error? It always starts back up again when we
    manually restart WME. The two issues with us having to do the manual
    restart are:

    1) There's a lull in the live webcast while we figure out what's wrong
    and have to restart the encoder.

    2) The encoded file locally is affected since we have to stop and
    restart the encoder.



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