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Windows Explorer problems with Office 2007 documents (read only)



Flightless Bird
Some Office 2007 Documents [compatibilty Mode] Opens as 'Read Only'
Rename + Saving not allowed -"already open in other application"
Checked document properties -Read Only NOT set
Closing and re-opening Windows Explorer sometimes works, other times Laptop
must be restared, Explorer re-opened, then the Document can be Renamed,
Deleted, Saved, Moved or Opens OK - sometimes
If I save as a differnt name = OK, but to delete the old file I have to
re-start Explorer or the PC -very frustrating as this doesn't always work
If I use another File Manager (Paper Port) I can access and manipulate
(Rename, Save) these 'locked' Word /Excell documents.
I can sometimes delete a locked file, if I delete 2 files together, but the
second will usually locked-up instead of my original
I beleive the problem is related to Vista Windows Explorer rather than the
Office 2007 files, as this never happened with XP and Office 2003
All my documents are in "97-2003 compatability mode" so others with older
systems can read them.