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Windows 7 Mobile App Idea

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by balance.one, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. balance.one

    balance.one Flightless Bird

    I've entered an app idea into the Windows 7 Mobile app contest and
    would like you to take a look. If you're interested or feel you might
    like to use something like this, please vote for me and leave a
    comment! ;) I really want to see this idea to fruition and if I win
    Microsoft will develop the idea and offer it for free via their app
    marketplace. I'd really appreciate it if you had a moment to take a
    look and truly feel that my idea is something worth sharing, thanks
    for looking!

    Visual List Making App Idea Link:

    My app basically ties together a few different technologies to give a
    lot more interactivity to the lists you make on your phone. It allows
    you to take pictures of products and the phone will recognize those
    products based on logos or UPC codes, etc. It will then tell you how
    much it's being sold for, where it's being sold for and how far away
    each location is. You can save these lists for further use, say you
    want to setup a recurring monthly shopping list or email a wish list
    to a friend. All that and more can be done with the simple click of a
    button, or you can choose to manually input the product information
    yourself and search for the products that match.

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