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Windows 10 Creator Update Coming Soon


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LPH submitted a new blog post

Windows 10 Creators Update Coming Soon

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Baby Penguin
XenWord Professional
This is a very bad update! bug Bugs, BUGSSS!! Don't install this :wtf:


Baby Bird
Can you be specific? Many times it is third party software which hasn't been updated.

Actually let me amend my critique please. My problem that i thought was due to the creators update was actually due to a hardware error that happened to reveal itself on the same day of the installation. After rectifying the hardware issue creators is behaving ok. My apologies Microsoft. Actually windows 10 is a very nice platform in my opinion.
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Baby Bird
Okay... running creators for about 4 days now. So far NO issues since fixing my hardware error. I design/develop wordpress sites so i hammer my pc. All great now. I feel bad about my initial comment. I use the office suite, mulitple browsers, photoshop, illustrator, sublime for coding, dreamweaver and 3 2560 * 1600 monitors. I also use vmware workstation running with a couple of linux distros in the background. I often use multiple desktops as well and switch between them during the day. So its all holding together well for me.