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What should I check/uncheck to save usernames and or passswords??


SC Tom

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> Thanks Very Much,
> Mike

Where? In what program(s)?
SC Tom
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You're welcome; did you have a question?


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Mike Lomax wrote:

<yep, a blank post>

blank body = blank post
The Subject is your *intro*, NOT your entire post. Use that big
whitespace to give the DETAILS!

If you're asking about Internet Explorer (which has its own newsgroup)
then load IE and hit the F1 key and search its included help for
"autocomplete". Even searching on "password" would show the relevant

--- Posting Hints ---

ALWAYS REVIEW your message before submitting it. You want someone OTHER
than yourself to understand your post. Also remember that no one here
is looking over your shoulder to see at what you are pointing. If you
don't well explain your situation by providing the DETAILS that you
already know, don't expect others to know what is your situation.
Explain YOUR computing environment and just what actions you take to
reproduce the problem.

Often you get just one chance per potential respondent to elicit a reply
from them. If they skip your post because you gave them nothing to go
on (no details, no versions, no OS, no context) then they will usually
move on to the next post and never return to yours.

What is Usenet:

When using a webnews-for-dummies interface (e.g., Microsoft's
Communities, Google Groups, or a leech site using a forum-to-Usenet
proxy), those are gateways to Usenet. Despite the pretense of a forum,
you are participating in a newsgroup (aka Usenet).

Note: Microsoft is dropping their "Communities" webnews-for-dummies
interface that gateways to Usenet. Microsoft is not Usenet. To ensure
continued access to the microsoft.public.* newsgroups, you will need to
connect a newsreader to a non-Microsoft NNTP server or suffer with
Microsoft's inane web-based forums.

How to post to newsgroups:

Regarding error or status messages:
- Do NOT omit the message.
- Do NOT describe the message.
- Do NOT summarize the message.
- Do NOT paraphrase the message.
- Do NOT truncate the message.
- Do show the ENTIRE message (but munge or star out personal info,
like your username in an e-mail address but not the domain).
And DETAIL the steps to reproduce the error or problem.



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you're welcome

"Mike Lomax" <MikeLomax@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
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> Thanks Very Much,
> Mike