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Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer.



Flightless Bird
This is my second time typing this because I didn't log-in to my account. Awesome!

Anyways, I have a Satellite a205-s5847 with Vista.
Whenever I start/restart my computer I get the following message: "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer." Please don't tell me I should try restarting the camera and my computer because I'm obviously not retarded. I have uninstalled Camera Assistant Software and installed the Camera Utility for Windows Vista that was listed here: Model Content Page. (Refine search by Windows Vista/Multimedia).

This is what everyone says to do but when I open up the camera via Camera Assistant Software I'm still getting the same "Webcam driver fail" message. So then people say to open Device Manager and under Imaging Devices update the camera driver. REALLY?! There is no camera driver under Imaging Devices. Only a Xerox Scanner driver which I'm pretty sure is completely irrelevant to this entire post.

Anyways, I've had my laptop for about 3 years and the camera was working wonderfully the first year or so--so I'm assuming this is not a hardware but a software issue. My camera has been like this for the past year and a half and all I want to do is video chat with my friends. I have called Toshiba tech-support but they don't care AT ALL and then tell me I'm going to be charged 35 dollars. WTF?!

Please. Somebody.. anybody please grant me some SIMPLE instructions in order to fix my webcam problem! And hopefully someone with the same issue as me will bump into this and you will be helping them aswell because this is one big pain in the ***!
Thank you in advanced. My e-mail is wherethehellami@live.com