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user profile service failed the logon


little b

Flightless Bird
I am having a number of problems with my computer at the moment. I can't actually login to my normal profile and have been getting this error message "User Profile Service service failed the logon."
I tried doing a system restore through safe mode and it would ask me to "open with" (e.g windows media player, windows explorer).
I have then tried going through "repair your computer" and a Tech Guys window appears. I start "microsoft windows repair environment". It then asks for administrator password which i don't know, so ran through my account. Clicked on "start up repair" and the message appears saying "If you have installed a device to this computer, remove it and restart your computer." Which nothing will uninstall.
I have then tried doing system restore through Tech Guys and all the restore's have had the same problem recurring.
I have also tried to open msconfig and regedit in safe mode and nothing happens.
I don't know what else i can do. Please help me.


Flightless Bird
Hi! You can go to safe mode to see if your user profile is even there at all. Restart your computer and as soon as it turns off start consistently tapping the F8 key listed in the very top row of special function keys. There is a specific place where you can just tap it once and get to the windows advanced startup menu. So tap it F8 consistently until you see windows advanced startup menu with several options to toggle to. You cannot use your mouse in this area so use the arrow keys to toggle to SAFE MODE and press enter. Then you might get a choice of operating systems to choose from and just choose the windows xp and press enter. Then you actually see all the driver files and other files loaded one by one. After you see a bind of multidisk (0) raid (0) stuff filling the screen you should get an option to log in to the Adminstrator account and any other account that is currently on the system. If you do not see your user profile in this area than I would have to say Sorry your profile is no longer there.
Hope this helps and you can find your profile and docs that go with it.

little b

Flightless Bird
hello again. i dont have windows xp. i have vista home premium and i can get on to safe mode no problem. it says " your user profile has not loaded correctly! you have been logged in with the default profile for this system. please see the event log (which i can not get into) for details or contact your system administrator.

When you say i may have a choice of windows operating systems. i dont get that option.

any idea's?


Flightless Bird
ive been having a similar problem.i log in i get a message that i amm logged in but when i return to the home page i get the login page again and it says i am not logged in very frustrating


Baby Bird
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