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Tux Reports Network 2.0 Maintenance & Changes


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This thread is to update the work on Tux Reports Network 2.0.

During a conversation on August 3, 2013, I realized that the approach to Tux Reports Network was not optimal. Bringing different sites together is still exciting but the use of subdomains causes fragmentation. Navigation with the current skin on Tux Reports Network 1.0 was too complex and confusing. Worse thousands of articles were being archived and unreachable.

The solution? Tux Reports Network 2.0

The numbering sequence.

The front page of the site is now numbered 2.x.x.

The middle number represents feature changes to the site. Currently WordPress and XenForo are installed. When Mediawiki is installed then the number will change to 2.1.x. Similarly, Moodle installation would be 2.2.x. An upgrade to WordPress, XenForo, etc would also change the middle number.

The last number represents the addition of new sites to the network. For example, we are currently sitting at 2.0.26. Technology Questions is being migrated today. When that work is done then the site will be moved to 2.0.27.

Technology Questions posts were added. DNS set.


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Technology Questions
  • imported posts - new threads were created for each WP. Ugh. Will have to merge threads.
  • set DNS
  • added domain to manager

  • imported posts
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The explanation of steps you've taken help me to keep track of your progress, which is beyond what I imagined. Thanks.