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Tried a tablet w/OneNote yesterday: COOL

Discussion in 'Microsoft OneNote' started by Steve Silverwood, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Steve Silverwood

    Steve Silverwood Flightless Bird

    I made my next-to-ultimate[1] geek pilgrimage yesterday: to the
    Microsoft store in Mission Viejo, California.

    What a playground!

    They had some new HP tablet PCs, so I was finally able to try out a
    tablet and fiddle with OneNote on that platform. Even MY lousy
    handwriting converted to text just fine!

    Thanks very much to Vivian, JP and Jimmy for their kind attention.
    They WILL get a sale out of this visit, eventually, once my finances
    allow it. Sorry I couldn't buy a bunch of stuff that day, though. :(


    Steve Silverwood, KB6OJS
    Wildomar, California, USA
    Email: steve.silverwood@gmail.com

    [1] the ULTIMATE one was a trip to Microsoft's Redmond campus, but
    that was back in 1995 for "Microsoft Network" training, back when they
    were going to create it as a full-up online service like CompuServe or
    AOL. After 15 years, I'm overdue for another trip but that'll have to
    wait a while. <sigh>

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