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Top 5 PS3 Games

Discussion in 'Console Gaming' started by bruno3251, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. bruno3251

    bruno3251 Flightless Bird

    Ok so whats your top 5 PS3 Games? Mainly starting this post to see what everyone else has got that I havent yet

    Heres mine based on length of time playing on them...

    1) Tiger Woods 10
    2) Fallout 3
    3) Metal Gear 4
    4) Fight Night 4
    5) GTA 4
  2. kelvicharlie

    kelvicharlie Flightless Bird

    1. MGS4
    2. Uncharted
    3. Resistance
    4. Ninja gaiden sigma
    5. Oblivion GOTY

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