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This is aliases idea of "good clean fun"....



Flightless Bird
alias wrote:
"Your wife asked me if I would stroke her but I declined as I don't do
dogs. Then she screamed that I am a Linux loving commie atheist loser
and went running out into the street naked repeating that over and over
again. You know, like you do on this newsgroup.
Would you tell your scuzzy wife to stop emailing me and asking to suck
my cock?

Have you stopped fuçking your daughter yet ... LOL!
Frank, what happened in your childhood that makes you lie so much? Did
your mother have sex with you or was it your father or do you even know
who your father was?
Let me know when you're in Paris so I can go to San Diego and fuck your
wife and daughters.

Frank's a lame pervert who fucks his son and daughter is trying to make
some sense and failing miserably.
Have you stopped fucking your half son yet? "
Oh and then the stupid piece of shit actually threatens to come into my
home at 3AM for the purpose of perpetrating physical violence on my family.
He is a vile disgusting cock sucking sheep-fucking son of a cheap whore!