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Tablet Sales Slowed in Second Quarter


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According to IDC, tablet sales for the second quarter was slower than expected. Over 45.1 million tablets were shipped. This is 9.7 percent below the previous quarter, a first time slide in sales.

The absence of a new iPad during the spring is the focus of the IDC article. Apple is now promoting the iPad later in the year, in hopes to garner a larger back to school market.

Apple is expected to unveil a new iPad this fall. Apple's market share has dropped from 60 percent last year to 33 percent market share this year. In contrast, Android-based tablets grew 163 percent. Windows tablets jumped 527 percent - now representing 4 percent of the overall market.

Lenovo and Acer both re-entered the top five manufacturers this quarter.


Dogs Times Writer
Does the jump in Windows tablets goes against the stories about the Surface RT? Is the jump due to other manufacturers producing new Windows-based tablets?