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Sysmon properties on startup

Discussion in 'Vista Community' started by azakareth, May 3, 2010.

  1. azakareth

    azakareth Flightless Bird

    Hi, new here, first thread, seeking some answers.

    Basically the problem here is that i cannot establish a connection to my Netgear router from my computer. The internet setup itself is fine (im using my ps3 browser with the same wireless network to get on this site) but my computer isnt detecting it.

    This started about friday. Just before this problem and still up until now, i get this window immediately when logged in. It is titled "sysmon properties".

    type: application
    origin: s-51-9-25-3434476501-164491960-601003312-121
    size: 0 bytes

    the weird thing that is then states the date in which it was deleted but this changes dependant on what the date/time is upon startup.
    There is an option at the bottom to "restore".

    I've looked this up and seen things such as 'trojan' and 'attatches itself to the internet'.

    Is this whats causing nothing to happen when i click apply on my netgear software with the correct (unchanged) settings/passcode?

    But what sysmon?

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