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State of the Union To Be Delivered on March 1


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Most presidents deliver the State of the Union during the month of January or February. Instead, President Biden (D) will deliver the State of the Union in March.

  • Article II, Section 3, Clause 1 mandates an annual message from the President to Congress.
  • The first Annual Message was delivered in 1790 by the President George Washington.
  • The annual speech was formally known as the Annual Message from 1790 to 1946, then informally called the State of the Union.
  • The Annual Message is given to the joint session of Congress.
  • Presidents deliver State of the Union addresses in the House of Representatives.
  • Congress shifted the opening of its sessions to January in 1934.
  • Since 1977, new presidents have not called their first speech before a joint session of Congress a "State of the Union."
  • This will be President Joe Biden's first State of the Union.

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