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See ALV in Use


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Robert Heiny submitted a new blog post:

See ALV in Use

YOU CAN SEE TWO VERSIONS OF ALV (a learners' view). One version is common. The second, a technical and scientific version, is less available to see and hear.
Common ALV

In its common version, ALV is a view people have of the world as they try to learn something. You use ALV whenever you try to learn something. At its core, ALV is no more complicated than that.

You can see a common version of ALV around you every day as you and others try to solve a problem, such as what food to buy at the store, or in another way learn something, such as how that food will taste in the morning. You can also see a common version of ALV in schools and training programs; during rehearsals for concerts, theater programs, music and dance lessons; trying to figure out how to use a new remote control for an electronic device, and other places where someone tries to use something that requires different behavior patterns from what they are used to using. You can see and read use of ALV in literature through the ages, especially in mystery and romance novels, as well as in cartoons, sermons, etc .
Technical Scientific ALV

In its technical and scientific version, ALV exists in schools and training programs where accurate, precise, efficient, rapid, teaching and learning receive priority. These programs exist in and out of PK12 schools.

Mostly outside of PK12 schools, these programs include those where failure is not an option, such as in training as a life guard, to cook in a restaurant, assemble a car, drivers training, and flight training for aircraft pilots.
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