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Discussion in 'Vista Community' started by JOSHI, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. JOSHI

    JOSHI Flightless Bird

    Script for taking Back-up

    Hi Everybody!

    I have a small LAN of five Vista PCS at my workplace. We all five workers work on files put in a common folder in one of these PCs by sharing the folder. We manually take back-ups on routine basis. What we need is an automatized-system/program/script that would take four backups (i.e. four copies of the shared folder) on the other PCs on the LAN by copying the folder at the new locations.

    Can this be done some-how? It would be better if only those files which have changed since last backup are copied in backup-folders. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

    -P K Joshi

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