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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Robert Burton, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. Robert Burton

    Robert Burton Flightless Bird

    So-called "Russian" spy - Anna Chapman is NOT Russian ethnically. She is
    Some of you aren't aware, but many so-called "Russians" were/are Jewish.
    Like Carl Faberge & Monica Lewinski.
    They acquire names of the host nation, in this case however main Spy's
    (Anna) last name
    "Chapman" is irrelevant as she copied husband's name in pre-arranged
    marriage. Her husband was Irish-Chinese.Mr. Chapman.

    She is cute.
    This post is NOT meant to incite tension.
    It's merely a curious fact some of you guys & girls don't know about
    Russian, Eastern European & other immigrants.
    There're French even in China, Japan and Guatemala!
    As of Russia - they come out in large numbers and have contributed to US
    technological leadership in the past.
    Even Nuclear weapons Anna was trying to sniff about, were given to America
    by French people like Nicolas Oppenheimer & Francois Mitterand - both of
    whom were French. The Arabs
    persistently call Einstein as "German" but hot weather can cause brain

    Info she was sniffing about, can be Googled/AltaVista & is pretty harmless,
    this woman is more useful than harmful to the USA if she stays in USA.
    Years of Nightlife in Manhattan, have moulded her into anti-Russian. Maybe
    not too radically, but check this out:
    People upto 25 years old are gullible & impressionable, spies are recruited
    at such age, she is now almost 30, she is not Anna Chapman Putin sent to
    America in 1990's.
    Putin is in another place now, anyway, and it's NOT Medvedev's fault that 11
    spies were sent before he became President, these are almost funny &
    harmless spies, it's not 1960's - info they were trying to sniff about is on
    Russia & USA are two counterparts of the same Caucasian race, based on same
    European/common stock of race/culture.
    That is a BIG difference comparing to, for example, Italian spies - they're
    armed with wine & music. There's
    no "conflict of civilizations" here, it's pretty routine information
    gathering, Americans also send their 'spies".
    Maybe Americans & Russians can finally establish same kind of trust as
    between UK & USA which are also brothers/sisters and USA evolved from UK's

    The French are smart & crafty - specificlaly those from Siberia (emigrants
    from France), and they mask as whoever - Russians, Germans, Jews, Italian,
    Greek, Ukrainian, whatever.
    All I had to say.

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