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Romney Reads, Paul Pontificates, Huntsman Hunts

Discussion in 'Elections' started by LPH, Jan 10, 2012.

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    The first primary of the 2012 election is over and some New Hampshire voters cast ballots. Mitt Romney pulled 5 delegates, Ron Paul scored 2 delegates, Jon Huntsman grabbed 1 delegate. The other candidates walked away with zero delegates.

    How did each candidate respond?

    Mitt Romney read from a teleprompter so that he wouldn't mess up the message. Ron Paul left his teleprompter behind - and provided an unusual explanation about liberty. Jon Huntsman let his supporters know that his third place allows him to expand his campaign.

    What will happen to Perry, Dr. Gingrich, and Santorum?

    South Carolina is another type of voter. Super Pacs will spend millions. Romney will try to grab as many as votes as possible. Santorum will need to pull a strong second - or he's out. Dr. G will not to consider stopping move forward with his negative ads - it's creating a backlash.

    There you have it: Romney first, Paul second, and Huntsman third.

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