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Research Notes - personal edition ?

Digital Doctor

Teen Bird
I constantly research things.
I will dump my research into Word, text files, Evernote, Dropbox, my personal wiki (blade wiki)(for the PC).
I'm never really satisfied with any of these tools.

What do you use for these types of Tasks @LPH ?

Tasks such as:
(1) How to buy a used Hot Tub
(2) Purchasing options for a used Hot Tub.
(3) How to get your child better organized
(4) Natural treatments for High blood pressure and their effectiveness.
(5) What are the health benefits of Vitamin D ?

etc. etc.

An analagous task for you lph might be ... how to you research something you don't know about php ?
Where do you keep those notes ? How do you follow up on forums where you have posted questions ?


Dogs Times Writer
Excellent questions. I use a Norcom composition book :)

@LPH - you just started to build a "references" now for the backend of this site. I wasn't sure if this was part of the TuxMeme that you've worked on over the past few years.