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Re: XP to Windows 7

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by bobster, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. bobster

    bobster Flightless Bird

    "bobster" <fauxie@bogus.net> wrote in message news:...

    See my last post to Anna regarding my "as delivered" Inspiron 530
    configuration. The first WD 320g HD I bought was the full kit and contained
    the eSATA cable and rear adapter/connector. The other identical HDs were
    bought as "bare drives" which go for as little as $40 and come with nothing
    but the drive.

    And, BTW, thanks for your comments as well as those from Peter.

    "Bill in Co." <not_really_here@earthlink.net> wrote in message
    Anna wrote:
    >> Anna wrote:
    >> <snip>
    >>> bobster:
    >>> Your having an external enclosure that has SATA-to-SATA connectivity
    >>> (presumably in addition to USB-connectivity) is really an ideal
    >>> situation.
    >>> Since (AFAIK) your Dell Inspiron 530 is not equipped with an eSATA port
    >>> it
    >>> didn't occur to me that you were working with that type of external
    >>> device.
    >>> I would guess that you've either installed a eSATA (or SATA) adapter in
    >>> the
    >>> desktop machine to achieve that capability or directly connect your
    >>> external
    >>> device to an available SATA connector on the motherboard.

    > "Bill in Co." <not_really_here@earthlink.net> wrote in message
    > news:%23XrZRTqpKHA.1556@TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl...
    >> I think it does have an eSATA port already, Anna, unless I'm losing my
    >> memory.
    >> I also have a Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop, and have in the past used a
    >> Vantec eSATA/USB2 external HD enclosure for backup, although now I'm
    >> using
    >> a second *internal* SATA drive for that purpose, since its simpler and
    >> presumably faster (and I've been using it a fair amount just to get a
    >> clean restore after various software tests - otherwise I'd use an
    >> external
    >> backup).

    > Bill:
    > Thanks for the correction. I recall working on one of those Dell Inspiron
    > 530s some time ago and I didn't recall that it was equipped with an eSATA
    > port. So I just assumed the OP had either installed an eSATA adapter in
    > one
    > of the PCI slots or made a direct connection from his/her SATA external
    > enclosure to one of the motherboard's SATA connectors.
    > Anna

    Well, in retrospect, my memory might be off, and maybe I put in a bracket
    (with the connector) that came with the Vantec enclosure kit - now I'm not
    so sure. Old age may be setting in. :) Maybe bobster can clarify it.
    Since I'm only now using the second internal SATA drive as a backup, I can't
    recall for sure.

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