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Re: OT: Why I never have problems?

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Leythos, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Leythos

    Leythos Flightless Bird

    In article <XnF9D1D57779CA02doumdomainnet@>, me@domain.net
    > Reading all the problems people have after Windows updates or after
    > catching a virus or for other obscur reasons, I wonder why I don't have
    > those troubles, with 4 machines, my risks are "Quad", particularly on the
    > P4.

    You, like myself, have reasonable hardware of good quality, don't screw
    with all sorts of crap, and you're reasonable about what you load on
    your computers.

    I have more than a dozen computers in my home office, not counting the
    family computers, a dozen servers, and I don't have any problems with
    them either, for years on end...

    It's about not screwing up things by doing dumb things.

    You can't trust your best friends, your five senses, only the little
    voice inside you that most civilians don't even hear -- Listen to that.
    Trust yourself.
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