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Re: Harddrive suddenly be accessed continuously


Kadaitcha Man

Flightless Bird
"Diabolic Preacher", thou brainless latter spring. Your beard deserves
not so honourable a grave as to stuff a botcher's cushion or to be
entombed in as ass's pack saddle. Ye vociferated:

> This is but misleading. often. CPU activity is not same as disk i/o
> activity.

Wow! Shylock Holmes!@!!!W###! My hero!

> There'll be times when all processes are under 5% and yet you
> see your hdd led glowing constantly. writing a lot or reading. From task
> manager, the only approximate clue you can get about disk write is from
> seeing how much VM is being used.

Real meaning: He has absolutely no fucking idea about buffers.

> I would think

Perhaps you would. If only you had a brain to do it with.