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Re: File Sharing



Flightless Bird
You also have to select whether you want to give Read or Read/Write access

"mac" <mac@nospan.com> wrote in message news:...
> One suggestion that worked for me:
> Open Library (windows Explorer) -click on the folder you want to share
> (I.e. documents), right click and select "Share with", Select "specific
> People", Type Everyone on the add field, click ADD, the click on share .
> That resolved my problems. I did in all my Windows 7 machines.
> mac
> "Shoe" <j_shoe@yahoo.com> wrote in message
> news:et7ml5hchp4cq7cneqcc705nl7am995q4b@4ax.com...
>> I have two desktops and a laptop on my home network. One of the
>> desktops has Windows 7 Home Premium, the other two have XP, SP3. I
>> can access files on the other machines from the Windows 7 machine, but
>> have not been able to access files on the Windows 7 machine from the
>> XP computers. It looks like Homegroup is the only way to file share
>> in Windows 7 and, of course, I can't use Homegroup on the XP
>> computers. Is there a way to set up file sharing other than
>> installing Windows 7 on all the machines?