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Re: deletable updates, hotfixes & service packs

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PA Bear [MS MVP]

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~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
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Pat wrote:
> I am running out of space on the fixed disk of my home machine.
> I use Windows XP Pro, Office & Internet Explorer.
> When I look at the "Currently installed programs & updates" list in "Add
> or
> remove programs" there are many security updates, updates, hotifixes &
> service packs. If the count of items in this category is proportional to
> the
> storage space they take, they take 50% of my storage.
> Can any of these items be deleted? Or does each new item of this type
> delete
> all possible previous versions, e.g. Service pack 3 deleted SP 2 & SP 1?
> If they can, is there any easy rule to sort out the items that can be
> deleted? Like everything dated in 2008 & earlier.