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Question File Sharing Only Working One Way

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by husky86, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. husky86

    husky86 Flightless Bird

    The problem I'm experiencing is an inability to open or save Microsoft Office
    files (Word and Excel files, in particular) while operating on a very small
    and simple home office network.

    We have a desktop system running Windows 7 as well as Microsoft Office 2007.
    We also have an iMac running Microsoft Office 2008. That is the full extent
    of our computer network (connected through Apple's Time Capsule router).

    We of course have file sharing turned on for both computers.

    I have no problems in opening or saving files when I'm operating on the
    iMac: I can open and save files stored on the Windows 7 desktop system.

    However, when I'm operating on the Windows 7 desktop system, I cannot open,
    save, etc., any of the Office files located on the iMac. What usually
    happens is quite odd: I will double clicked on the Microsoft Word document
    (located on the iMac), for instance, and the Microsoft Office 2007 (Word)
    application launches, but no document is ever opened. Switching back to the
    document's icon again and double-clicking produces the same result.
    Microsoft Office 2007-Word is open but no individual document is opened.

    I have full Read & Write privileges operating on the iMac, by the way.
    (Right-click on the iMac's Users icon > Get Info > Sharing.)

    Is there something that I need to change on either the Windows 7 or iMac


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