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Problem with Moving Ink



Flightless Bird
Hey guys,

As an engineering graduate student, I recently moved to using OneNote to
take in-class notes. I thought it was great for the first couple days.

Unfortunately, I've been noticing that when I reopen OneNote on any given
day to take more notes, some of my notations will have moved. This is
extremely, incredibly, nauseatingly frustrating, as the text normally moves
on top of some other text, which makes it unreadable and inseparable from the
text underneath. It's as if someone decided to move parts of my page full of
equations onto other parts.

This is making it impossible to use OneNote to take notes. Note that I'm
not accidentally moving stuff around. I can write a lecture's worth of
notes, all of the equations will be in order, close OneNote, and reopen
OneNote the next day to find things in disarray.

If anyone knows of what might be going on, I'd sincerely appreciate any


Details: Fujitsu t4310, OneNote 2010, Windows 7 64 bit


Baby Bird
I don't use Onenote 2010, only 2007. I've never seen this happen before. You're just entering text?

can you post some before and after screenshots?