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Pheed: Pay or Stay Away


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The premise of the new social networking company is that people are bored with Facebook and the content on Twitter is too low - with both containing way too much noise. The solution is Pheed, a service which launched a few days ago. Of course, you can sign up through your Facebook or Twitter account. :)

According to Forbes:

Pheed is a self-made and self-funded startup, which operates out of a rented six-acre mansion on Mulholland Drive, sort of frat house meets R&D facility. Somehow, the startup got over 200 taste-makers and celebs to sign up for the site—and quickly! Pheed only launched a few days ago and has already hit over 350,000 unique visitors. All this without their much-needed iPhone app, which is currently pending approval.

I wish them well but paying for content is a business model and not a technical shift. We need better use of aggregation and sharing (technical shift) versus a business model.

I may also be turned off by this service because of the tattoo images. Yeah - it isn't appealing to see someone disrespecting their body and showing it off. After all, tattoos still represent a gang concept in my own thinking.