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Path Explained by Loic le Meur


Flight Director
Flight Instructor
Loic Le Meur does an excellent job explaining the benefits of the mobile-focused social network called Path.

First, I didn't know the A-list existed any longer. Second, do I really care what someone opines if they think their thoughts are more important than someone else's opinion? Third, the mobile only aspect of a social network is appealing. Finally, I like the way some people use Path:

Basically the way I see my friends using Path is: “if it’s for my close friends, I just post to Path. If it’s for the masses and I don’t care that much, I will crosspost it from Path to Facebook and Twitter”. Basically if it’s important keep it in Path, if it’s more mainstream that who knows can read it and it’s a whatever update, share it to the social networks for the masses.

So - try Path - and let us know if you plan to use it daily.