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Page Load Limbo


David Z

Flightless Bird

I have a random but reliable problem that happens with a site I'm developing:

IE will load the HTML markup, and stall in the javascript code. The spinner
appears to be loading, and the status bar only shows a couple bars. I can
wait forever in this state, and the rest of the javascript code never gets
run. All the HTML is loaded at this point.

If I try to use any of the debugging tools and open a debugger in this
state, I cannot hit any javascript code. In VS-2008, the debugger says "In
External Sleep Or Wait" (or something of that nature); in the IE Debugger
with the Web Developer Toolbar, it doesn't step into any javascript code.

Interestingly enough, if I get into this state and hit Esc or "Stop" in the
toolbar, the rest of the Javascript code will get executed. If I use a tool
like Fiddler, however, I don't see any http requests made during this time,
so it doesn't look like it's waiting for a resource to load.

Any tips? This is a very frustrating bug.

Please advise.
David Z