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openURL problem



Flightless Bird

I'm using FilemakerPro 10 (and the software is not the issue, because
it work on all the network except my PC) when I start the command,
hourglass show, FM return no error (normally application open) but
nothing happen on my PC.
TaskManager don't even show a new task opening and closing....

using the command url file://serveurname/location/name.jpg or /

on every other network PC in the office it open the file using the
default application picture viewer or Acrobat reader.

On my PC it's doesn't (but was 3 week's ago!)
Win XP SP3, no new installation, or removal, it stop working. (maybe
FireFox update ?!?!)

I used many registry fixer, still not working.

File association is OK because double click on any file open in the
downloaded file and replace url.dll and urlmon.dll
Problem is not in HKEY_Local_User because under another user same
same for HKEY_classes_root, I compare with other PC and url and file
have the same setup.
the command mailto: and callto: are working....

Any ideas ??

Thank you