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Open office applictaion in specific window size

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by !ngeniuos, May 18, 2010.

  1. !ngeniuos

    !ngeniuos Flightless Bird


    We have an Access applictaion developed to be displayed on a 1024x768
    scrreen size, This was done so forms could be viewed in a partcular manner.
    However, if one opens the application and your monitor resolution is much
    larger - say 1280x768 it opens in full size, but with a lot of grey
    background space-
    Is there a setting where I could open Access to default to a specific size -
    (1024x768) - thus forcing the app to look a bit more normal - maybe even like
    a floting window?

    (99% Perspiration)

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