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OneNote offline?

Discussion in 'Microsoft OneNote' started by Doug Hanhart, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Doug Hanhart

    Doug Hanhart Flightless Bird

  2. Rainald Taesler

    Rainald Taesler Flightless Bird

    > Hi, is it possible to share a Notebook that's on my desktop (or a
    > file server) so that I can use it on my laptop when I'm away from the
    > office (offline) and have it sync when I rejoin the network?

    For sure!! ON works exactly as you want.

    It's one of the unique features of ON that one stores the notebook files
    on just one machine in a shared location (be it a desktop or a server).
    The files are then opened from this shared device and ON works with it's
    As long as the notebook is connected all changes are synched
    automatically. If the notebook is disconnected one works as usual and
    everything is saved in the cache.
    As soon as the notebook is re-connected all changes are automatically
    synched both ways.

    I do not know any other software with comparable functionality. It
    perfectly matches the requirements of notebook users.


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