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Obama: Get me out of Washington

Discussion in 'General Politics' started by LPH, Jul 13, 2014.

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    Obama: Get me out of Washington


    "The bear gets loose" - again. According to the Hill, White House staffers jokingly use the phrase to describe Mr. Obama's unscheduled forays. However, Mr. Obama is on record stating, "Get me out of Washington."

    Washington D.C. no longer represents the people of the United States. Corporate and Private Lobbyists have overtaken the capital and talking points keep the people of the United States in the dark. The Supreme Court is rot with political hacks using the bench to change the political landscape. Both chambers in Congress are corrupt while they suck up money, "negotiate" new laws, and waste their days talking to media about false stories (talking points, red herring, false equivalencies, etc). Most outsiders understand that real legislation happens with money - and nothing more. Ideology is used by the politicians to keep people divided as the wealthy divide up the country.

    After all, no business man has gone to prison over the 2008 economic crisis. The IRS even changed procedures for 501(c) charity applications so that money keeps flowing into the area. Yes, our nation has laws for those who have and different laws for those who don't have money. Voting doesn't even matter any more because districts are gerrymandered - politicians are safe and will be re-elected over and over again.

    This is exactly why Mr. Obama needs to get away from Washington: away from talking points, and he needs to get back around real people. Let the bear loose.
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