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'New Page' button & menu: why does it not open on mouse (pen!) dow



Flightless Bird
In OneNote 2007 and still in 2010, the "new page" button, above the different
tabs, has an arrow to open a menu to create a new page. This menu opens on
the mouseup event, thus after clicking on the arrow.
When using a pen however, this behaviour is very inconvenient.
If the menu would open on the mouse down event instead, this 'new page' menu
would be much faster and easier to use when using a pen. The reason is that
you put the pen on the menu button (thus clicking the arrow), move the pen
(still on the screen) to the correct menu item and take the pen of the screen
(thus clicking the correct menu item), just as with any menu's in any other
Windows program!
Besides that this behaviour is non-standard for no obvious reason
apperently, it is really annoying.
Note: you can try it with your mouse as well to see the difference in menu